The Old Mill Antique Mall is on the historical preservation list of Mullica Hill.

This building was built prior to the American Revolution along with scattered clusters of houses and two taverns.

Only four of these original structures remain and the Old Mill is one.

For several decades a wooden mill, iron factory and feed grain gristmill provided local farmers with food and equipment for their livestock and farmland.

Only the gristmill (Old Mill), though greatly altered, remains.

Following the civil war, a railroad spur was constructed near the gristmill and very quickly the town became one of the nation's most active shipping points for agricultural commodities. There are still remnants of the tressel train tracks behind the Old Mill. In 1967, the Mill's charm led to the display and sale of local antiques which still flourishes today.

History of The Old Mill

In 2015, The Old Mill had a dedication to the Original Grist Mill. A permanent plaque now stands at the original spot of the mill. You can see this plaque and read about the Grist Mill's history as it now resides next to our main level parking lot.

Old Mill Antique Mall